Monday, April 30, 2018

French Girl Dress Code

'French girl style' is totally having its moment in the USA. American girls are pulling inspiration from Parisian street style and dreamy instagram babes (my favorite forever and always will be Anne-Laure Mais @adenorah.) French women are sophisticated yet playfully care free with the way they dress. They keep hair and makeup natural. It celebrates a new wave of femininity. It doesn't feel stuffy and constricted. Femininity in French style is freeing, and embraces the modern day creative woman.  I cannot wait to head to Paris in August to see how first hand how women dress. Through my constant studies, I am sharing what pieces I think every American girl should invest in to feel as cool as any French babe.
THE WHITE BLOUSE- This is a classic item, that transitions seamlessly for work and play. I don't think a woman can have too many white tops. A crisp cotton blouse, is a go to for French women. The simplicity allows for the natural beauty and character of a woman to shine through.

TAILORED DENIM- Just like LA girls, French girls love their denim. I always prefer vintage with a raw hem, but Reformation always has some rad options if you want to buy new. High waisted is ultra flattering, and adds a little pep to your booty. Denim is classic, and will always be worth the investment. 

THE STATEMENT SANDAL- French girls are savy when it comes to their footwear. They use this accessory to express their personal/unique styles. They also care about comfort and practically, so the  heels are typically a block. Low heels are much more chic than a skinny sky high stiletto. I dig these Charlotte Stone sandals so much for a electric pop of color. All of you know too, I adore local LA brand Marais

TIMELESS BAG- The bag is the piece to showcase timeless vs. trendy style. French girls invest in high quality (and durable products). Whether its a structured cross body, or a weaved basket bag. Their purses are often vintage inspired, and feel as if they could fit in any era. 

Vintage Twin Levis, Zara Blouse (Similar to here), Charlotte Stone Sandals, Chanel Purse, 
Mejuri Necklace, Jcrew Hair Clip. 
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Julia Boyd


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What Camera Do you Use? // My Fuji X-T2

 By far my most asked question on my Instagram is- What camera do you use? Social media has allowed us all to become creators, and there's always curiosity around apps for editing, equipment, and photography style. I shoot with the Fuji X-T2 with the 23mmF2 lens. I have absolutely loved learning how to use this camera.
Last summer (right before my trip to Italy), I wanted to invest/upgrade my equipment. Photography has always been a big part of why I blog. I got my first DSLR (RIP my Canon Rebel) when I was in high school. My curiosity has always been there, but I have never taken the time to learn the actual technique and science behind it. I started researching cameras. I was leaning towards the Canon 5D Mark IV, but the issue I have with DSLRs are the GIANT bodies. I wanted a compact but powerful camera- and that's when I discovered the Fuji X-T2.
 The Fuji X-T2 was perfect for my travel + blogging content. This camera is extremely light weight, creates sharp images and fits perfectly in my purse. The images are high quality, but also have a film feel. My favorite feature of the camera is the focus. There is a small knob next to the screen that allows you to exactly pin point what part of the subject you want to put in focus. I love playing with blurriness and depth, and its a part of this camera that is easy to explore. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who travels often, but wants to learn the process behind taking a fantastic photo. I have shot fashion campaigns, travels, and even an engagement session with the X-T2, and there are no regrets. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions x
All photos shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Camera 


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Vintage Finds: Tradesy X Chanel

Since I was in high school, I have had a love affair with vintage shopping. I use to drive to Berkeley as a kid, searching through racks of clothing for band tees, 50's purses, mod sun dresses. As I have gotten older, I still cherish the vintage finds of my past. My taste has definitely matured (and has gotten a little more expensive hah). That's why Tradesy has SAVED the day, when it comes to buying designer pieces. I am a twenty-something creative, and I like to be frugal with my finances. Tradesy is a rad option, that has helped add more luxury items into my wardrobe. My first designer bag I really bought for myself was my Gucci patent leather backpack from their site. I love that it is a place online that I can trust, but also saves me SO much of my hard earned cash. I also have a coupon code for you! $50 off on $400 when using the code: KATHRYN50
What I love most about Tradsey is its collection of Chanel bags. Tradesy has unique pieces (ranging from vintage to only a few seasons ago), but that means you probably won't have the same bag every girl is eye-ing. This classic Chanel flap bag is the bag has been my dream bag for years. The shape and size is so practical for the on-the-go. The pop of white is so clean and cheeky. I paired this bag with my latest Rose Bowl Flea Market find- a 1960's shift dress.
If you're looking to invest in a bag, and don't want to pay full price- Seriously, shop on Tradesy. I have sold and bought on the site for about year now, and it is my first stop when looking to invest in a new bag.

Vintage Dress from Courtyard LA, Chanel Bag from Tradesy, Marais Sandals, Vintage 60's Clip on Earrings. 
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Day Dreaming in Chriselle X J.O.A

Sometimes a dress is more than just a dress. A garment has the ability to inspire the imagination, and illuminate the beauty within ourselves. This piece from the Chriselle Lim x Just One Answer collection does that for me. It was love at first sight with this dress (and that's rare for me). Buttoning it up in the dressing room, I felt a shift. It is magic when we find a article of clothing that can makes us feel more like ourselves. Fashion blogger Chriselle Lim, mentioned the collection was inspired by one of my favorite movies Roman Holiday. So for this shoot, I reimagined what a modern day Audrey Hepburn in Los Angeles would feel like. 
This dress transports me to hot summer nights in Rome. Tan skin, wine lips, and feeling sexy in my own way. Walking the ivy lined streets of the Travestere. Sticky fingers from rich gelato. A slow setting sun, making the city golden. I find myself dreaming of far off places often, and I see how my travels have infused in my style. I like being malleable when I am exploring the world. Soaking in, and absorbing everything different from my own life in California. 
Strive to find clothing that elevates the everyday to something magical. I think that's why I fell in love with fashion. Even when I am feeling low, or lacking in confidence, I can pull a piece from my closet that somehow brightens my day. The right outfit illuminates what is special within me, and allows me to reveal my full self to the world. Clothing is not meant to hide you. It should help you be the most authentic + brave version of yourself. 
Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo
Chriselle X J.O.A Cocoon Sleeve Dress, Marais USA Sandals (sold out but similar here), Mejuri Virgo Necklace, Vintage Basket Purse (similar here), Vintage Clip on Earrings.

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