Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What Camera Do you Use? // My Fuji X-T2

 By far my most asked question on my Instagram is- What camera do you use? Social media has allowed us all to become creators, and there's always curiosity around apps for editing, equipment, and photography style. I shoot with the Fuji X-T2 with the 23mmF2 lens. I have absolutely loved learning how to use this camera.
Last summer (right before my trip to Italy), I wanted to invest/upgrade my equipment. Photography has always been a big part of why I blog. I got my first DSLR (RIP my Canon Rebel) when I was in high school. My curiosity has always been there, but I have never taken the time to learn the actual technique and science behind it. I started researching cameras. I was leaning towards the Canon 5D Mark IV, but the issue I have with DSLRs are the GIANT bodies. I wanted a compact but powerful camera- and that's when I discovered the Fuji X-T2.
 The Fuji X-T2 was perfect for my travel + blogging content. This camera is extremely light weight, creates sharp images and fits perfectly in my purse. The images are high quality, but also have a film feel. My favorite feature of the camera is the focus. There is a small knob next to the screen that allows you to exactly pin point what part of the subject you want to put in focus. I love playing with blurriness and depth, and its a part of this camera that is easy to explore. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who travels often, but wants to learn the process behind taking a fantastic photo. I have shot fashion campaigns, travels, and even an engagement session with the X-T2, and there are no regrets. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions x
All photos shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Camera 


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