Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Combating the Clouds // Taking Care of my Inner Self

I have to be honest. I have been feeling off the last few weeks. I blame it on 1) The absolutely dreary weather that's taken over Los Angeles 2) I was faced with a stream of 'no's that surprisingly hurt more than I realized. I like to appear strong, and inspired and constantly busy to the outside world. But lately, my inner voice has been loud with doubts. There's this constant pressure, but not much action on my end.  I find myself on my phone too much, aimlessly scrolling. Instead of picking up my journal, or diving deep into a character for a scene. I once had a professor say 'awareness is the key to change'- and this post is a little something like that. 
One reason why I love fashion so much because clothing has the ability to alter my state. Transport me to far away places. Reveal the confidence in me that I sometimes like to bury. So, this afternoon when the clouds parted, I threw on a dreamy dress and took a walk with my boyfriend. Fresh air can do wonders for the racing mind. I am realizing I need to make an excuse to get dressed up (even on days where I only have to work from home). I have said that in the past, but more and more I am noticing how my mood changes when I put a little effort and creativity into my daily look. 
I hope this post resonates with you. We all have had those weeks where you feel rejected and stuck. But that's why I like to share these moments too. Not just talk about clothing. My blog is my creative diary. And I know vulnerability only leads to good things in life. So, even when the journey kicks you in the stomach. Stand up, take a deep breath, and grab the coolest sunglasses you can find. Because you're bad ass, babe x
Who What Wear Collection Gingham Dress, Steve Madden Block Heels, Mejuri Necklace, Ray Ban Hexagonal Sunglasses, Vintage Clip On Earrings (similar to here). 


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