Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bank the Moment. Falling in Love with the Details.

'Bank the moment'. My boyfriend says that to me often. It's a sweet sentiment, a remind to be more present. Lately, I have been soaking in the details and nuances of my everyday. The sound of distance traffic driving down Sunset Boulevard. The color of the purple petals that are crushed on the sidewalk. The smooth velvet touch of my dogs ears. I am paying attention- with wide eyed curiosity because the moment is always fleeting. And in years to come, I will have wished I would have worried less in my 20's and enjoyed the journey. 
It's important to find the little slices of beauty in daily life. My everyday grind is a blur some days. Moment to moment, rushing by. Not enough emails. Pages of texts. Not enough time. I get lost in the 'what's next' vs. 'what's here, now.' When I need to catch my breath, I walk the lake. Swaying palms, sunshine rays, people watching. It is my oasis to settle my brain and fall in love with the present. 
That's where Europeans get it right. It might be their secret. Their is an appreciation for gardens and parks, all of which are safely tucked away between rapid city life. When I lived in London, I lived ten minutes away from Hyde Park. The rolling lawns, and tree lined paves felt like this grand escape from the frantic energy of South Kensington. I think American fall in love with the idea of being busy. It gives us false perception of purpose, and keep our anxieties high. Slow down for a moment. Notice the details. And take a walk somewhere that sets your imagination off. 

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Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo



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