Friday, June 22, 2018

The Magic of Living on Your Own Terms.

Something powerful happens when a woman choose to live on her own terms. She radiates. A magical joy and a persistent strength. Her body doesn't need to mirror polished snapshots in magazines. Her curves and skin reflect the adventures she chased and the love she felt. 
This time of year is always slow for me. A time for reflection, and to check in. My imagination often wanders to the woman I want to be. She feels far away- like I need to accomplish so much more before I can say- THAT'S IT, I AM HER. But that is not how it all works. Why can't I be her today? Everyday I have a choice, to wake up and do what I believe or allowing the outside noise to take over. The woman I want to be radiates joy- and not the unauthentic self help save the day way. Joy that today is a new day. Joy that I am the ONLY me in the world. You can spot the women who love themselves. The ones that have let go to what everyone else wants them to be. They are curious, and sexy and kind-hearted individuals. I want to live with more guts. Love with more heart. And shake off the weight of my unnerving expectations. 
We have to believe that we have permission to be whoever the hell we want to be. And that we DO have the capacity and courage to truly be ourselves. No matter what the world tells you. Even if its screaming in your ear to turn back, and stick to the safe path. Forge forward on your own trail, babe.
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 Photos by Los Angeles based photographer Britt Crowe Photo


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