Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Delete the Definite. Riding the Unpredictability of Life.

"Do you think you'll always live in Los Angeles?" Lately, a question that I have been prompted with in conversations. It always surprises me. How could I possibly know "where I'll end up" or what I will want in a few years? Twenty somethings are told to pin down life. We pretend we can control it, find ways to settle down. But that's unsettling for me. I think we are taught to run from the unpredictable or unknown. But I know, that's not for me. I learned that from my parents. They packed my brother and I up as young kids to the west coast. They knew no one, they had no clue what was next. I find that incredibly brave- and have noticed how that example has influenced the choices I have made. 
I don't like talking in "definites". That is not how life works. Right now, I love Los Angeles. I fall in love with hidden hillsides in Silverlake, and rocky beaches in Malibu. I fall in love with the sunsets during traffic jams, and the creative people I meet each week. But that doesn't mean its forever. I could live in New York for a summer or book a job in London or move back home to San Francisco. You never know where life will take you, and that unpredictability is the most exciting thing to me. The potential. No matter what age, you'll never know where you'll be in 10 years, 10 days or 10 minutes. Embrace it. 
Reformation Persimmon Dress, Marais Sandals, Clear Purse via Etsy, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vintage Necklaces. 
Photos by Stefanie Marie


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