Thursday, July 12, 2018

Never Gonna Quit You- My Basic White Tee

I think we all have a piece of clothing that brings us closer to ourselves. It just feels right. You always grab for it. No over-thinking, or searching the closet. Mine forever and always will be my basic white tee. I don't think I will ever quit them. There's an attitude that comes from wearing this classic. Without any frills, I feel cool + confident. Maybe it also stems from my love of denim, but nothing feels more like me than this combination. 
Maybe it's from old movies of my childhood (You know one of them is Grease, guys), or from the pages of glossy magazines (still dream of the Guess ads of the early 90's.) but the white tee will always be my uniform. Currently, I love stacking vintage necklaces on top, with vintage denim shorts. I love this Anine Bing denim skirt for the scorching hot days that have been hitting LA. I also love how this top will always lean into masculine style, even paired with a pair of heels or cat eye sunglasses. This is a piece I grab for every morning, and steal from my boyfriend's closet, and never will forget to pack in my suitcase. 
Anine Bing Denim Skirt (Sold out but similar to here), Urban Outfitters White Tee, Vintage Necklaces (Loving the brand Missoma for new pieces like this one.), Raen Cat Eye Sunglasses, IMAGO Crossbody bag.


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