Friday, August 10, 2018

The Confidence Code.

Confidence. That idea, I chased it for years. My observant self, would soak in people who seemed truly comfortable within themselves. I mimicked their behavior, but had no luck. What was their secret? What was I missing? Once I stopped searching and copying, it slowly came to me. Confidence isn't something we can obtain. It's fleeting. It takes daily work, to radiate that mysterious and generous feeling for life. We all have phases, where we feel strong in our vulnerability, and beautiful in our skin. The work, is making those days more consistent. So the highs and lows aren't so dramatic. 
My style has always been a tool to connect with my confidence. Style is not just clothing to me, its is self expression and point of view. I instantly felt confident in this cool white look. Bell bottoms, crop top, and a fresh hairstyle. All the pieces came together, and I was feeling myself. Never is nothing wrong, in embracing what makes you feel good. And for me, putting on sick outfit can change my point of view for the day. Sometimes the outside helps us shine from the inside. 
All white looks are a little dangerous- the risks for stains and dirt marks is very high. Honestly, white is one of my favorite colors to wear. It's a neutral, and always illuminates tan summer skin. I adore the LA based brand Honey Punch. These stretch flares are coming out in their fall collection. They are a must, and I will be wearing them year round with mens wear button downs, and flirty off the shoulder tops. I love that this look harks back to the 70's. I always find inspiration in other decades, and I always love the sexy playfulness that came with that era of disco + rock n roll. Would you try an all white bell bottom? 
Honey Punch White Bell Bottoms (Available in October similar style here), Lulu's Smock Eyelet Top, Steve Madden Heels, Lulu's Basket Bag (Similar style here).
Photos by Stefanie Marie


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