Monday, September 24, 2018

Rebellious For the Right Reasons

Since my birthday, I have been examining the way I live out my everyday. Questioning tactic, and thought processes that might be hindering me. Patterns, and habits that aren't serving those lofty ambitious that vividly appear in my imagination. There is a nerve in me, deep down, that knows I am meant to be creative. No matter the context.
I’ve noticed an urge to be more rebellious. To break the rules that are meant to be broken. Cut the narrative that doesn't feel accurate to who I am now, or who I want to be. I still have the days of self consciousness. Stressed that forging my own path won’t pay off. But there’s nothing more thrilling than taking a step forward without knowing the outcome. A bold face risk. And even in the wild mess of it all, I find myself more and more. I want year twenty-seven to be full of bravery. Breaking the rules isn't about being bad. I want to be a positive deviant. A person who promotes authenticity + is aware of the world around myself. 
Nasty Gal Polka Dot Dress, & Other Stories Sandals, Missoma Horn Necklace, Vintage clip on earrings, purse, scarf from Paris. 


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