Monday, December 3, 2018

Back in Black: Life Update.

Carry thyself with confidence, openness, intelligence and spunk.
 Invest in the truth, and it will set you free.
I wrote these words over a year ago. It's funny how messages tend to come into my life, exactly when I need them. I stumbled upon this quote while updating my blog. Truthfully, I haven't been feeling like myself for a couple months. This fall felt like a blur- from constant travels, to losing a grandparent, to juggling all my creative endeavors. I momentarily lost my nerve or so, my resilience. I've always cherished that part of me. The girl who was scrappy. The girl who didn't take no for an answer. I took it for granted. Not realizing that maybe one day I could wake up and not feel the same way. I am taking day by day, and remembering the power of my own thoughts. An earned lesson of being in my 20's. I like to see it as growing pains. Not where I use to be, and not exactly where I know I am headed. Sitting in the unknown is damn scary. But once I accepted it for what it is- messy, and complicated and endlessly imperfect- life has become much more beautiful and nuanced. 
I've spoken on this before. But clothing just like thoughts have a mood-shifting power for me. Most days when I am feeling defeated or stuck, I am probably in workout clothes or need to shower. It's important to find the things that trigger your inspiration and pull you out of a rut. I am finding more excuses to get dressed up (even if all my friends tell me I'm over dressed.) Wearing a red lipstick even  if its a Monday. Pulling out my favorite dress that feels like a AC/DC song. Dressing with purpose fires me up. Clothing has always been an escape for me. And it will always shake me up in the best way. 
Zara Faux Suede Dress, Nasty Gal Block Heel Boots (sold out but similar to here), Who What Wear Collection purse, Le Specs Sunglasses (affordable version here.)  
Photos by Los Angeles Content Creator Tash Baker  


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