Monday, January 21, 2019

Winter Wardrobe Top Five Favorites

This season, I am embracing the title of "outfit repeater". Why would I want a closet full of clothing I only wear once? I've gotten caught up in the feeling like I needed to post or wear a new outfit EVERY day. But that's unrealistic. There's much more creativity in repurposing from my closet. So, I scaled back this winter. Here are my top five winter wardrobe pieces that I have been wearing non-stop. 
CLOSED DENIM PEDAL PUSHERS: This Italian made denim brand has been my choice of the season. I love the crop straight leg, style. The high waist and pockets are totally 80's in the best way possible. I also have a boyfriend cut, and a wide leg pair that I wear often. Definitely a designer to add to your list. 
BOXY BLAZERS: It doesn't actually get cold in LA during the winter obviously, so instead of collecting coats, I found myself pulling blazers. The oversized masculine look always felt the coolest. I loved solid colors, funky plaids, and textured corduroy blazers 
VINTAGE GUCCI BACKPACK: This was my first designer bag purchase, last year. This bag is my most used item in my wardrobe. The patent leather is strong. It fits a journal, my camera, and phone comfortably. No matter how many purses I add to my collection, I am always grabbing for my Gucci. The bamboo handle adds a cool organic feel to a very structured classic piece. 
HUMA BLANCO SALVADOR PUMP: My most worn shoes this season by a landslide. Classic shape, comfortable height heel. Instantly adds a romantic and feminine feel to a look. I wear them often to auditions. 
SKIN TIGHT TURTLENECKS: I find curve hugging turtlenecks to be my favorite basic. Similar vibe to my go-to white tee. It keeps me warm, fits well under coats + sweatshirts. My favorites have been from Asos, Nasty Gal and & Other Stories. 
Shot by Los Angeles Based Photographer Stefanie Marie 


Monday, January 14, 2019

How to Wear Italian Vintage Style

I think it's safe to say, I am a little romantic about my Italian heritage. Over the holidays, my Dad dove deep into our family history. My family lived in Sicily for hundreds of years- of course, that's why I can't handle cold weather. All the new information, is making me want hop the Atlantic and get back to my favorite place in the world. In the mean time, I decided to dive into what makes Italian style so iconic. From the past and the present.
Italian girls throw the rule book out. Stilettos on cobble stone streets. Bright colors mixed with animal prints. They have a captivating take on personal style. Style is less trend driven, more about the passionate + individuality that lies underneath the clothes. There's a feeling that is evoked, from the textures and silhouettes. Sexy, and confident with a demanding elegance. So yes, I will be here in rainy LA, day dreaming of century old churches, afternoons sipping aperol spritz and sun soaked swims in the Mediterranean. But I hope this list inspires you to be more daring with your style, and embrace that complexities that make you, you.
Stilettos: Unlike French girl style, practicality isn't a focus when it comes to Italians. Its about expression. Sky high strappy heels are sultry + fun. Not an ankle injury. High risk, high reward.

Bright Colors: Don't shy away from a bold color. Maximalism is major, and pigmented hues can find ways to be incorporated into outfits. A cherry bomb red, and avocado green, or bubble gum pink, no shade is off limits. I am honing in on my signature hair and makeup, so my clothing can continue to represent different parts of my personality. 

Scarves: One of the best accessories. Wrap around your hair, knot around a purse or tied at your neck. A versatile vintage pieces to add yet another ingredient of personality. 

Romantic Influences: No matter what, this style is romantic. Allow yourself to be swept away. Find references from old movies, or books, or paintings. Italian style is influenced not just from fashion but all the other art types of art consumed. 
Shot by Los Angeles Based Photographer Stefanie Marie 
Reformation Fauna Dress, Nasty Gal Strap Stilettos, Vintage Basket Purse (Similar vintage find here), Ann Taylor Scarf, Vintage Clip On Hoops.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Welcome to 2019.

We made it! Hello, 2019. The blur of the holidays are over. I got sick for three weeks in December, which really knocked me out. My heart is grateful for the time with my family, but I am so happy to be back at work in Los Angeles. The start of a new year always feels so electric to me. Buzzing with possibilities + limitless potential. To be honest, 2018 was a tough year. The highs met me with the absolute lows. It is funny how our brain can trick us. Wanting us to only remember the moments of rejection and loss. Enjoys painting vivid pictures of our failures and unbearable habits. I ended 2018 wondering what the hell I even accomplished in 365 days. Angry, I let another year slip by, punishing myself for not hitting my lofty goals. When I started scrolling my camera roll and my journals, I began to notice the little steps. Glimpses of my little successes. The everyday wins. There WERE undeniable moments of blissed out joy. Those snapshots get lost when we look at a generalized sweeping version of the year. It was a year of questioning and frustrations, but damn did those struggles illuminate the type of woman I am AND becoming. I could see more clearly what I wanted to share + create + develop within my art. I craved to tell more stories, and continue to peel open and reveal myself. I am my toughest critic. I often want to be perceived as being confident and unshakeable. But when I let myself off the hook, there so much more nuance. Stepping out of the pursuit of perfectionism will always bring me closer to myself. When I push the doubts aside, my eyes immediately see how beautiful my life is and can be. I challenge you to do the same. To cut the bullshit, and realize that what you bring to the world is effortlessly + uniquely rare. There's only one YOU. And the only thing stopping you from getting what you want- is yourself. 
So, 2019 is about faith. I want to confront my fears head, look them straight in the eye. I want to run towards them, even if I might fall flat on my face. I will bandage my wounds, and get back up stronger than before. The risk is worth it- and no excuse is worth compressing my wildest dreams. 
 My short list of 2019:
1) Take my acting career to the next level. Book more. Get into better rooms. Work on filming my own content. Stop making it precious. I will fail and go for it again. 
2) Continue to write on my blog, and expand East West Edge. Share not only fashion, but more travel, fitness, and daily musings. 
3) Be kind- to myself and to the people surrounding me. Allow the potential to be surprised, and not be so judgmental. There's no benefit in being so hard on people/myself. 
4) Stop comparing or caring about others opinions. I go through phases in my life where this comes so naturally to me. But it takes commitment and work. Confidence shines, when you know who you are and what you want. And not allowing others to influence that truth. 
5) Read more. One book a month. Even if it's an audio book. Get off my damn phone. 
6) Make my home a space that inspires me. I moved into my house three years ago, and have barely decorated. I always made travel a priority for my finances, BUT this year I want to make an effort to make my home feel like home. Rooftop furniture, hang photos + art, scout flea market for vintage pieces.
7) Practice gratitude everyday. Write a list- even if its scribbled in my planner or journal. My happiness always stems from counting my blessings.
8) Put my health first. Don't run myself down. Eat foods that fuel me. Drink less. Lift weights. Focus on getting stronger verse thin.
9) File paperwork with my dad to help get Italian citizenship.
10) HAVE FUN. Don't take everything so seriously. Stop stressing about the future and enjoy where you're at in the present moment. Overwhelmed = state of mind. It's a choice. So soak up this beautiful life in Los Angeles.
Self portraits shot January 1st, 2019. 
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