Monday, January 14, 2019

How to Wear Italian Vintage Style

I think it's safe to say, I am a little romantic about my Italian heritage. Over the holidays, my Dad dove deep into our family history. My family lived in Sicily for hundreds of years- of course, that's why I can't handle cold weather. All the new information, is making me want hop the Atlantic and get back to my favorite place in the world. In the mean time, I decided to dive into what makes Italian style so iconic. From the past and the present.
Italian girls throw the rule book out. Stilettos on cobble stone streets. Bright colors mixed with animal prints. They have a captivating take on personal style. Style is less trend driven, more about the passionate + individuality that lies underneath the clothes. There's a feeling that is evoked, from the textures and silhouettes. Sexy, and confident with a demanding elegance. So yes, I will be here in rainy LA, day dreaming of century old churches, afternoons sipping aperol spritz and sun soaked swims in the Mediterranean. But I hope this list inspires you to be more daring with your style, and embrace that complexities that make you, you.
Stilettos: Unlike French girl style, practicality isn't a focus when it comes to Italians. Its about expression. Sky high strappy heels are sultry + fun. Not an ankle injury. High risk, high reward.

Bright Colors: Don't shy away from a bold color. Maximalism is major, and pigmented hues can find ways to be incorporated into outfits. A cherry bomb red, and avocado green, or bubble gum pink, no shade is off limits. I am honing in on my signature hair and makeup, so my clothing can continue to represent different parts of my personality. 

Scarves: One of the best accessories. Wrap around your hair, knot around a purse or tied at your neck. A versatile vintage pieces to add yet another ingredient of personality. 

Romantic Influences: No matter what, this style is romantic. Allow yourself to be swept away. Find references from old movies, or books, or paintings. Italian style is influenced not just from fashion but all the other art types of art consumed. 
Shot by Los Angeles Based Photographer Stefanie Marie 
Reformation Fauna Dress, Nasty Gal Strap Stilettos, Vintage Basket Purse (Similar vintage find here), Ann Taylor Scarf, Vintage Clip On Hoops.



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