Monday, February 25, 2019

Street Style Recap: NYFW February 2019

Better late than never! It was my first time attending New York Fashion week in February. To say I was inspired, would be a vast understatement. Months of preparation, lead up to a week of shows, presentations, and PR visits. I will share more details of my time in NYC, but first, let's cover street style. 
It was a little surreal. Walking out of shows, getting my photo taken, then hours later, my look appearing on a website I scroll on daily. Street style culture for NYFW is so about going big or going home. Sometimes the looks aren't wearable everyday, but damn do these style experimenters look like they are having fun. Photographers definitely spot vibrant colors, eye-catching silhouettes, and stand out accessories. So when packing my outfits, I definitely kept that in mind. It was liberating to step out of the epic ease of LA girl style. Through wind, rain and SNOW, fashion babes braved the streets (without their Canadian Goose down jackets). So here's my little recap of the street style trends that I love and plan to test drive on the west coast. 

PRINTS ON PRINTS: This was the trend I swore by styling my trend forward looks. Think: vintage inspired plaids, faux fur leopard, dizzying checkers, textured snakeskins, and neon tie die. All layered, and mixed matched for the most unexpected combinations. I played with snakeskin on my first day- A yellow toned boot, and a see thru dress by & Other Stories. (Here are my feet lol, in British Vogue.) Plaid was the other print I fell in love with during the week. I wore a oxblood plaid Nanushka dress with my baby blue plaid Ganni coat. I instantly felt cooler, and loved when the prints didn't match 'perfectly'. It's just slightly off, making it so so good. 
HAIR CLIPS: The trend that is NOT going anywhere. I got the most compliments on my hair clips during the week. There was slight pleasure when I would reveal that I got these pearl clips on Amazon for under $10 (Order them here, SO worth it.) Think: sleek bobby pin designs, jewel encrusted barrettes, rainbow 90's inspired snap clips. Pinning back bangs, or slicked back into a low pony tail or bun. This might be one of the easiest trends to wear in LA because already so popular here. I secretly like to this,west coast girls brought this trend with us. 
ANTI-DENIM PANT: LA girls love denim, duh. But when packing, I traded out my Levi's for trousers. (Here's me rocking this trend on Man Repeller, and The Cut.) I rarely saw jeans when it came to street style looks. Where the west coast always leans to the laid back, the east coast always finds a way to be more polished. Think: Menswear inspired dress pants, wide leg khakis, vibrant colored joggers, and vintage inspired flares. If denim was wore, it was oversized and exaggerated. It honestly felt so refreshing to ditch my denim. Also I could hide wool socks easier in these & Other Stories pants
LAYERING FOR DIMENSION: Even after five east coast winters, I still panic when it comes to looking chic in the cold. I get cold SO easily (everyone close to me knows this about me). It can ruin my day, so when packing for this trip coats were a big priority. I brought two with me, but I think next February I will bring along at least two more. True New Yorkers, are MASTERS at layering. Think: A ribbed turtleneck, a wrap dress, a down puffer, colorful wool socks and a bucket hat and STILL look so effortlessly on point. I think my favorite example of this was Maria Bernad who I saw at Collina Strada. The iridescent fabric mixed with the stiff faux leather is so delicious. My Ganni coat, was my main layer I stuck to. The baby blue color with slight plaid, made it the a stand out piece. 
My tips in regards to street style: Don't over think it. Avoid wearing something 'just because you want to be in Vogue'. People can sense when a look doesn't feel authentic. They spot the people who just want their photo taken. My focus: to care more about the designers + the artistry of their work. Truly, pay attention during shows. Not just wait to get the finale on video for your insta-stories. The rest will come together organically. More on this for my next post. Closing words: Stay true to yourself, don't hesitate to experiment, and dress weather appropriate (unless you're planning to uber.) 
& Other Stories Pants + Sweater, Ganni Coat, Lulu's Snakeskin Boots, Amazon Fashion Pearl Clips, Sophie Hulme Bolt Bag (faux fur unavailable online but other colors here). 
Photos by New York Based Angela Poccia 

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