Thursday, April 11, 2019

Spring Cleaning: Why I Cut My Hair

Longer days. Tan skin. Persistent sunshine. Finally, spring is blooming in Los Angeles. Whenever there's a change in seasons, I feel an urge to shift. Whether its in the way I structure my schedule. Or in the clothes I tend to wear. There's something inside me that wants whats the follow the change that's naturally happening around me. 
I have been itching to chop my hair for months. Pulling inspiration from classic cinematic stars, and modern instagram muses. Long hair never felt like me. I have tried to grow my hair out many times, but it never suits me. I looked in the mirror recently, and it felt off. Like the powerful, cool, dynamic woman I see on the inside didn't connect with what I wanted on the outside. It's funny how a pair of scissors, and a trusted hairstylist can change how you feel about yourself. 
There's always something rebellious about short hair. Fighting the feminized norm, of billowing Repunzel locks. I feel my most confident when I straddle the lines between traditional feminine and masculine. I cannot wait to slick my choppy cut and wear tailored men's button downs. There is a lightness to my look, and feels so freeing. You can just see more of me. And I absolutely love it. 
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