Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Laguna Beach Photo Diary: Summer Skin

Over the weekend, I had my first real beach day of the season. My dear friend Steph took me to one of her favorite beaches in Laguna. I tend to stick to Malibu, but now I am adding this to my list when I am craving some sun and salt. 
I walked into the ocean. The pacific icy and sticky on my skin. I leaned over to get my hair wet. A wave then knocked me off my feet, causing me to tumble head first into the water. I stood up dripping, the taste of salt on my lips. And all I could do was laugh. There’s something that happens to me every summer. A peeling away. The wanting to reveal. To wear less clothes, to show more of me. Because my skin craves the sun and warmth and sky but so does my heart. So I let go. I find joy. Which somedays this winter felt terribly impossible. I hope for more days at the beach this summer. Where I catch that wave, that freedom of simply being me.
 L*Space Swimwear, Honey Punch Button Down Top, Huma Blanco Sandals, Vintage basket bag, Tacori x Who What Wear Gold Bracelet. 

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