Friday, July 19, 2019

The Strong and Soft. A Woman's Special Power.

 I have been mystified by the duality of being a woman. We have this ability to be innately strong yet soft all in one breath. I tend to muscle through situations. Push harder, work harder, fight hard. I’ve always worn my scrappiness as a badge of honor. Like as if my strength to power through made me heroic. But as I get older- maybe hitting my late 20’s- I am curious more with the softness. The softness that accepts the fear currently residing in my belly. Or the softness that appears when shedding my protective controlled layer. If I let my vulnerability spill over, bravery will always meet me on the other side. So I am working on it, slowly and in my own time. Letting kindness lead me when I just want to fight with myself or others. That when pain hits me, my spine doesn’t stiffen and or my breath hold tight. Our moments are so fleeting and random in this life, and I want to feel them all.
I took this picture on a hot day in Laguna beach with my dear friend Steph. I always fall in love with images on extreme spectrums. I love the natural in between raw shots. And I also love the dramatic angular images that feel other worldly. I love seeing how my power comes across, but also the more gentle real side. 

Photos by Steph Arant
One piece by Summersalt, Neckacles by Missoma x Lucy Williams. 


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