Wednesday, September 18, 2019

NYFW as a Micro Influencer

Surely, there's nothing better than September in New York City. The city buzzing with the final throws of summer. Late nights, no coats, and fresh point of view for the new season. And it all feels more special, now that I attend NYFW. I still find it surreal, that I get invited to shows and have the opportunity to sit among some heavy hitters in the fashion industry. 
Looking back on my trip to NYFW, I struggle with what part of my experience I wanted to share. It was only my second season officially attending (here is a recap from my trip in February). And to be completely transparent, most people just want to know how to get into shows. Especially with my micro following, there's always a curiosity with "how did I do it."
 One thing I will say, when the timing is right, the opportunities will be there. When there was outreach from PR teams inviting me to shows, that signaled to me, that opportunities were there. I will also say, that the shows I was being invited to, were designers that I that I admired already and aligned with my own style. That also gave me incentive to reach out and connect with teams that I work with throughout the year. I would see what designers they represent during that season (which does change every time.) and ask if they can fit me onto their list. It could be a yes, could be a no. I never dwell on what shows I don't get in for (but that's probably because I deal with rejection on the daily as an actress....) I think there is an illusion that you can just show up to fashion week. But there's so much back end work and relationship building that goes into a trip. 

Why do I go to fashion week? So much of why my blog came to be, is because of the pages of magazines. Editorial photography and high end fashion always tell such a vivid story. And fashion week, is an opportunity to see those stories (through runway, clothing, models and direction) come to life in a physical form. There's nothing cooler, than witnessing the artistry behind the designer in real time. It probably comes from my first love, theatre. It very much melds those two worlds together. And I love the rush, of seeing the garments move on the runway, how they fit on the models and what story the designer is trying to convey. I also use it as a time to connect with east coast contacts that I work with during the year. I have so much respect for the PR teams and brands, who work rigorously during this time of year. Lastly, it's my time to experiment with my own style choices, and spot trends that spark my curiosity for the next season. I find so much pleasure in getting dressed up every day (sometimes I get frustrated with how laid back Los Angeles style can be). It's not about going over the top with a look, but instead, I like to hone in on something that I find cool, and then elevate for street style. 
One last thing- If you're unfamiliar with New York City, the experience will be more challenging for you. I feel incredibly comfortable in the city and have spent many years going (and partially living there).  I can hop on a subway, and not get lost. I know how to map out my day, so I am efficiently commuting and booking appointments. If you get anxious in city situations, this experience might not be the best for you (and that's totally ok!)  I would highly recommend staying at the Arlo Soho, because it is so close to all the shows and most presentations. You can't really get lost, because you can walk everywhere. 
I hope you find this post helpful, especially if going to NYFW is a goal for you. Remember to be kind and polite at all times. Remember to stay authentic to your own style. And to not compare your fashion week experience to someone else's. You're there to support the designers, learn more about the industry, and build long term relationships. I am beyond grateful for all the shows, presentations and events I am invited too. Will never take it for granted. Good luck! I cant wait to be back in February. 

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