Monday, October 28, 2019

The Oversized Blazer: The Power Move For Your Wardrobe.

It's no secret, the blazer trend is here to stay. Woman want close that feel strong, cool and powerful. Toss a blazer over any look to feel instantly polished. This season, I find myself gravitating towards oversized styles. Boxy and slouchy just feel less fussy. A blazer that doesn't have to be perfectly tailored- and with the right pieces underneath, it becomes a style moment. 
As I get older, there is something about finding clothing that acts as a conduit to my inner confidence. The days I am feeling off, or just not in the mood to get dressed, my blazer collection has become a part of my wardrobe that I rely on to make me feel my best. I have been trimming my closet down (donating, selling, gifting to friends.) But my blazers live on, and the number of them continues to grow. So I encourage you, to find the pieces in your own wardrobe that spark the inner coolest grounded you. I've talked about confidence many times on my blog, but sometimes we gotta work from the outside to bring out the power that's already in us. 
Closed oversized blazer, Topshop faux leather skirt, Ann Taylor mock turtleneck, Nasty Gal boots, Jenny Bird + Missoma jewelry, vintage clip-on earrings. 


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