Monday, November 4, 2019

Step By Step in Malibu with Huma Blanco

I’ve always loved a fall day at the beach, just as much as peak summertime. It reminds me of childhood in Northern California. Running towards the icy waves with my bare feet and rolled up jeans. The wind making my nose red. Sporadic sparkle of the waves from the cloud hidden sun. There’s a temptation to rush this time of year. Power through to the holidays, wait until the new year to start fresh. I’m trying my best to not check out early. Find moments, that remind me to take it day by day. The ocean has always done that for me. And yes, I’m wildly romantic about it. So even as the sky turns darker, and the nights become colder, keep in the present, not a few weeks ahead. I have so much I want to accomplish before 2019 is over. 
This look has in some way, become my fall uniform. A beautifully fit pea coat, a pair of wide leg jeans. I have been craving minimal and classic when styling myself for colder weather. The boots I swear by for this time of year are my Huma Blanco Bolena boot. The most comfortable pair of square toe boots. I love that heel is not too high, and I compliments any type of pant. I have styled with trousers, vintage levis, and long maxi dresses. A quality shoe makes life a little easier for an on a go woman. We don't have time to worry if our feet are going to hurt. 
BLDWN denim, Huma Blanco Bolena Boots, Aritzia Babaton coat, Ann Taylor turtleneck, Prada vintage mini Tessuto via The Real Real (similar to here), Ray Ban sunglasses .
Photos by Britt Crowe 

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