Monday, February 3, 2020

Love Notes to Los Angeles.

I tend to romanticize my life. Time often, feels so fleeting, and I don't want to miss the beauty of it all. Noticing the insignificant, in some ways, creates an overwhelming significance in the future.  When it comes to Los Angeles, I very much do the same. This city is home, and nothing makes me happier. I find people are quick to notice the flaws. The hours sitting in traffic. Superficial chatter at coffee shops. Shallow appearances. The smog. We all know the stereotypically list of complaints. (But I also believe, people romanticize their need to complain.) I have become curious as to why this city becomes so divisive. There is a stark divide, you either love it or hate. And yes, I may be biased, since I was raised in California, but there is no place like Los Angeles in the world. And that magic comes from finding the beauty even in the brutal. 
I will be the first to admit, Los Angeles, is not a city for the weak. It forces you to become unwavering- You need to know, who you, what you want, and how you're going to get there. If not?The endless days of permanent sunshine allows time to simply slip away. So even in the postcard picture perfect surroundings, I believe its a city that demands you to stay present. And if you don't, ride the wave to where ever that takes you. Which isn't necessarily a failure, nothing is good or bad here. 
I see small details now, whether walking in my neighborhood, or driving in my car. The warm heat, slows me down, opens me up. My eyes find beauty in the way the palms create shadows on a building, or the vibrant colors of a lemon tree. Somedays, on a quite weekend afternoon, I will drive my car up into the Silver Lake hills. Turning off Sunset, getting lost on the tiny winding streets. Camera in tow, music playing through the in windows. An effortless embodiment of freedom. There's often a misconception that one escapes out west. It's made to believe that it is easier to live on the Pacific coast. But that feels off to me- Los Angeles is a city for the people who don't want a life let off the hook. Thy want it all, feel the heart ache, and the wild joy, and experience every nuance and color with no judgement. There are combating contradictions with this city. One day you can be sunshine soaked, and hopelessly alive. Another brutally rejected and tossed away. But in the maddening experience of it all, that is where the heart of this places lies. The truth of Los Angeles:  its to ability to exist with both pain and freedom. 
Finders Keepers Sweater, Charles and Keith Boots, Zara Skirt, Le Specs Sunglasses, Vintage Prada purse via The Real Real. 
Photos by MirĂ© Yang  


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