Monday, February 17, 2020

NYFW Fall/Winter 2020 Recap: Shows, Looks, Inspiration.

Once again this February, I (over) packed my suitcases and traveled to the east coast for NYFW. I don't know how many times I can say this, but it still feels like a 'pinch me moment'. Attending shows, loaning pieces from my dream designers, witnessing fashion artistry up close- it all doesn't feel real. Last season, I discussed and shared tips on going to fashion week as a micro-influencer (read here). This season, I am focusing more on the details that inspired me. From my looks, to shows, to street style. I also promise more, New York stories are coming soon to the blog. Finally will be working on my city guide this year, stay tuned. 
It's February in New York City. It's going to be cold. Last year it snowed two inches on my last day in the city, so I was preparing myself for the worst. We lucked out though, and the coldest nights were in the 20's. It's always a challenge negotiating staying warm, while feeling confident. This season, I tried my best to style my looks ahead of time. I had images, and textures and silhouettes, I really wanted to capture. Here are three of my favorites:

70's Rock Glam. So much of my styling inspiration comes from music. I've been listening to so much Rolling Stones, and Elton John and Electric Light Orchestra. I stumbled upon these striped Acne Studios pants, and felt like they embodied that swagger and attitude the music gave me. My Yuul Yie boots added the right dose of drama. I loved that this was a rock n' roll inspired look without having to be so dark. I wanted to avoid black as much as possible this fashion week. 

Flower Child. Yes, I would describe my style as 'vintage inspired' but I love blurring the lines between eras to find my own point of view. This look was a little 60's hippie meets 20's flapper girl. This Zimmerman dress was love at first sight. I wanted one look that was a bit more whimsical and flirty. Of course, the shoe I lived in during the week was my Musier Paris boots. They are already sold out, and I plan to get them resoled forever. This might of been my favorite look of fashion week, it felt the most me. 

Green Sheen: At the start of the my NYFW outfit planning, I knew I wanted a shiny green coat. I saw one on The Frankie Shop, but couldn't justify the purchase since I live in sunny LA. I was on the hunt and found a more affordable version on Topshop (And it looks HIGH quality in real life. I was so pleasantly surprised.) I love a statement coat during fashion week, because it can be the wow moment, while the rest of the look can stay classic. My favorite style version: Leather pants, chunky sweater, and lacquered boot.
I have become a loyal follower of a few designers over the last few seasons. It feels special to not only support a designer one season, but to continue to see their collections evolve yet remain consistent season after season. Here are just a few of my takeaways-  

Neutral with a twist: Bevza will always be one of my top shows of the season. There is such a wearability to every look that comes down the runway. Through fabrics, and mixture of silhouettes, the garments capture a sense of ease yet womanly power unlike other designers. It's straightforward minimalism is not dull. Rather it emphasizes the female lens of its creations. The aesthetic embodies what women want their sex appeal to be. Silky barely there dresses. Structured sculptural outwear. Creamy hues with an electric pop of color. Bevza has staying power. I plan to invest in pieces from this collection this year. 

Back to School: Sandy Liang always pays homage to her roots. This season, her show took place at her own public high school in Battery Park. A string quartet added a youthful romance, as the models walked down the main stairway of the front lobby. I unfortunately (hello still micro influencer) didn't have a seat for this show, so I only captured video Even behind heads of people, I still was deeply moved by this show. The makeup was bright and fresh. Playful pinks, buttery leathers, wearable separates. I saw myself in this collection, and that's what makes Sandy Liang so special. You always feel included in her designs, and celebrated for your own spark of uniqueness. 

French Countryside Meets Haute Couture: There is so much anticipation going up the elevator to Chanel's official offices.  I always appreciate a presentation- it allows the time to truly take in a garment, and notice the technical intricacies that bring the piece together. Witnessing the artistry behind Chanel's Spring 2020 Couture collection left me stunned.Virginie Viard, gave us a glimpse into the childhood of Gabrielle 'Coco', pulling inspiration from the gardens and architecture of the French countryside convent of Aubazine. Stitching of the garments mirrored cobblestone floors, or shapes of stain glass windows. There was a charm behind the peter pan collars, sequin pastels, floppy ankle socks and crisp white linens. The finale bridal moment was so romantic yet understated- the perfect look for a civil ceremony look.

Red Moment: I had a new experience this season, by going backstage with Essie to see how the hair and makeup looks came together for the Brock Collection show. The hectic energy of backstage felt very much like my days in the theatre. I felt at home, with the rush of seeing all of the moving parts come together. Brock Collection, was a reminder that a red lip can be utilized in a non-conventional way. The final look on the runway included a thinly woven veil over each model's face. Through the fabric, the lips in a certain way grounded the look, and drew the viewer in. The lips very much contrasted the garments of the collection, which gave an exciting dichotomy between the hard and soft. 

Make a Statement: During my time in NYC, I make a point to visit PR teams that I typically don't get to see since. I stopped by the Haus Agency to see some coveted designers up close. Some to keep an eye out this year: Nicole Saldana for mega impact everyday boots. IMAGO-A for a rainbow collection of playful bags. The key lime colored shoulder bag is on my wish list. Copehenhagen designer HOSBJERG  giving me all the inspiration for my upcoming travels. I walked away with the cutest suit short set that is GREEN gingham. Lastly, greek designer Stefania Vaidani, is my designer to watch for LA girls. Wearable, playful pieces, that fit the endless summer attitude of the west coast. 
I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my time at NYFW. I will be publishing a few more articles about my experience in the city. I learned so much this season, and walked away with a purposeful focus on my own work. I would love to dive deeper into fashion writing next season, and connect with designers that I am beginning to build relationships with. It is hard work, and this process comes with a lot of prep you don't see. Also I am grateful I got to travel with my dear friend Stephanie (@shhtephs). I tend to be a wildly independent person, but it is so much more fun getting to feel inspired with someone by my side. Thank you for following along, and I cannot wait until September.



  1. LOVE the brown boots, the heel is the most interesting thing ever!!

  2. I'm obsessed with every single look!!

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